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Marketing Newsletter

October 16, 2019 | Volume 1: Issue 2

Your Monthly Marketing Updates!

Propelling the Investing for Income Movement to New Heights 

Last month, we featured Peak Capital Management and how they’ve set the bar high with their Retirement Income Store® co-branding efforts.  

This month, we are featuring someone who needs little introduction to this group. Someone who seems to set the bar high in every aspect of his life, both business and personal. Yes, we’re talking about our own, David J. Scranton—Founder of Advisors’ Academy, Sound Income Strategies, The Retirement Income Store®, and Scranton Financial Group. 

Most of you know that David reached Amazon Bestselling Author status with the publication of his second book: Return on Principle. Well, Dave’s been at it again with the publication of his third book: The Retirement Income Stor-E: The Story behind the Launch of The Retirement Income Store

In this book, Dave has taken a big step toward achieving his goal of reaching 7 out of 10 Baby Boomers with the Investing for Income message. The Retirement Income Stor-E is set to shatter many of the myths that Wall Street has used to maintain a stronghold on the way Americans plan and save for retirement. 

Not only is the book filled with information that can help Baby Boomers break their addiction to stock market investing, but it also contains insights that financial advisors will find helpful. For example, David shares how he was able to grow his practice ten-fold in the years immediately after making the switch to the Income Model, and how switching to the Income Model can lead to significantly improved client retention during down markets.

The publication of The Retirement Income Stor-E has the potential to revolutionize the way many Americans plan and save for retirement. That’s because once investors learn the truths behind some of Wall Street’s most closely guarded myths, they’ll find it difficult to ignore the fact that there are other ways to achieve their retirement goals. 

Which brings us to the launch of The Retirement Income Store®—Where Baby Boomers Go for Income. Most of you know that the launch of The Retirement Income Store® is the culmination of David’s lifelong work of making institutional-style investing tools and strategies accessible to the average investor. 

Well, we’re happy to report that things are moving along, and The Retirement Income Store® franchise is ready to Go National! 

David and Michelle O’Halloran, Advisors’ Academy CMO, have been working feverishly behind the scenes to complete all the required documentation, including The RIS Franchise Brochure, Operations Manual, and Confidential Investment Memorandum for the next step: talking to venture capitalists. 

As you know, David is the host of the Newsmax hit financial show, The Income Generation. Each week leading financial celebrities like Steve Forbes, Peter Morici, and Mohamed El-Erian join David to tackle the financial issues that matter most to anyone who is retired or close to retirement age. The show is broadcast to over 70 million households every Sunday at 10 am. Click here to find out where you can find David’s show each week.  

David is also the author of a Newsmax financial column and blog where he shares financial insights on topics such as TR= I+G, How You Can Jumpstart Your Retirement Savings, and Are You a Stock Market Addict?

You might wonder how David is able to keep up with his four businesses and TV show while still finding time to make it onto leading financial shows, like Mornings with Maria on Fox Business. 

Well, with three of his companies based in Fort Lauderdale and the other in Westbrook, Connecticut, David purchased a SOCATA TBM-850 turboprop plane a few years ago to help him stay on top of his busy schedule. Recently, he upgraded to a 2018 TBM-930 with a little extra horsepower to expedite his travels on his next field visit to you. 

Want to schedule a field visit with David Scranton and Andrew Thorpy, Director of Coaching? 

Contact Megan Robert, Coaching Coordinator, to set up a field visit!



Gary Osing

Each month we share exciting news about one of our advisors who is making things happen out in the field. This Month’s Mega-Hit comes to us from Gary Osing, Vice President of McAdams Group, LLC in Cordova, Tennessee.

With more than 12 years of experience helping his clients generate income for retirement, protect their assets, and reduce their tax liability, a critical aspect of Gary’s business is helping retirees avoid spending down their assets when medical care costs increase later in life.

Gary was recently named an American Equity Top Agent of the Day in mid-September. His level of production catapulted him to #3 out of 20,000 agents across the country!

When asked about Gary’s outstanding performance, Director of Prod/Licensing & Primary Coach, Brandon Moll, replied:

“It doesn’t surprise me. Gary has fully embraced the Income Model and is a devoted student of the Sales Process. During the first two quarters of the year, Gary typically focuses his efforts on the Tax Planning services offered at McAdams Group. Then, in typical Gary fashion, he ramps up his sales and marketing efforts during the 3rd and 4th quarter to finish the year strong.”

Well done, Gary! You are shining example of the success that’s possible when you fully buy into the Income Model and the Scranton Educational and Advisory Process. Keep up the great work!



Email Campaigns: What to Know

Email marketing plays a prominent role in lead generation. In order to optimize lead acquisition, it’s important to understand the “Do’s and Don’ts” of email campaigns. When strategizing and deploying your email campaigns, here are some things to keep in mind:

– Subject Line: Does it capture your clients’/prospects’ attention? Does it preview what’s inside? Are you avoiding promises? The subject line is the MOST IMPORTANT piece to the email. It’s essential to use something that will grab their attention. After all, the first step to receiving a lead is an email open. Additionally, make sure to avoid words such as “free”, “money”, or “marketing”, as those are often spam trigger words.

– Engaging Content: All content should be relevant to your list or target market, and contain information with some personality. Your audience should either already be familiar with you and your business or have a clear understanding of who you are and what you can do for them.

– Graphics: Most emails should have some sort of image or graphic. If it’s a workshop you can use a picture of the venue; if it’s a prospecting campaign, perhaps an advisor headshot or picture of your office. Images have a positive impact on consumers, especially when you are attempting to bring in new clients, as it adds a personal element to the content.

– Call to Action: Every campaign, and every email, must have a CTA. We recommend trying a couple different CTAs in your campaign to test what will work best. CTAs include: hyperlinking to a form on your website, providing a phone number to reach you at, or it could also be an invitation to your next workshop or event. Now that they’ve opened your email and engaged with the content, a good CTA will result in receiving their information and a legitimate lead.

– Hyperlinks: Whatever your CTA for the email is, there should be a MINIMUM of 3 hyperlinks within the message. Whether it’s a phone number or website, the email header and footer images should both be hyperlinked, as well as hyperlinked within the message. If it is a longer email, say a full page, we recommend at least 5 hyperlinks for the CTA.

– A/B Testing: The most efficient campaign will first go through some A/B testing. For the first few email sends, tweak the email and try different times of day, frequencies, or list segments. You’d be surprised the difference an image change, color scheme, or subject line will make in the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

Finally, you should also consider giveaways within each email, as people always want to know “what’s in it for them”. Aside from protecting their savings and retirement planning, consider offering a free book, report, or phone call. Incentives are a great way to generate leads.

With these tips, you should be able to expand your reach and make your email campaigns as effective as possible!

Social Media Call Out

As you know, we regularly share interesting news and helpful information on the Advisors’ Academy social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you have a success story, event information, or something newsworthy you would like to share with our followers, please reach out to Erika Wilson or Amanda Koenig.

Field Visits

Michelle and Erika are now available to do field visits! If you have anything you’d like them to tackle with the Marketing Department (that is not workshop-related), you can contact them to set up a field visit. With this field visit, you’ll get a meeting with one or both of them to discuss what you’d like to accomplish with your marketing strategy. This meeting will also be used to evaluate your branding strategy if you’re becoming a member of The Retirement Income Store.

Erika Wilson

Erika Wilson

Marketing & Events Manager

Michelle O'Halloran

Michelle O’Halloran

Chief Marketing Officer


We Now Have Our Own App!

We are excited to announce that our team of web developers is putting the finishing touches on our own Advisors’ Academy App!

Filled with helpful features, the Advisors’ Academy App is a convenient way to take the resources you rely on along with you to your educational workshops and meetings with prospects.

For example, let’s say you‘re meeting with a prospect or client and realize they could benefit from reading our report The Hard Lessons of Stock Market History. You could simply log into the app from your phone, access the report, and print it out right then and there. Also, if you and your prospect both have iPhones, you could AirDrop it right to their phone!

Besides housing many of our general and commissioned reports, the documents section of the app will allow you to access the workshop documents that currently appear in the Bull’s Eye Marketing section of the Advisors’ Academy school site, under Ring 4: Attract / Leverage.

That’s right, you can access those Social Security, RMD, Estate Planning, IRA, or Tax workshop documents directly from your phone. Monthly Index Closing reports for the DJIA and S&P 500 are also available in the documents section.

In addition to the wealth of documents, the app will feature access to the latest client newsletters. It will also feature individual and group chat functions to expedite communication on important projects and upcoming events.

Forgot directions to one of our events? You can pull up the event info on the app and it will provide you with directions to the event from wherever you are. Need to access your metrics while you are away from the office? No problem! You can log in and check your metrics right from your phone. These are just a few examples of the helpful functions that will soon be available to you on our new app.

However, before we can proceed with the official rollout, we need to test the app. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for 10 volunteers interested in becoming Beta Testers to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement before we roll out the app to the rest of the group.

Interested in helping out with this exciting project? Contact Erika Wilson or Amanda Koenig and let them know you would like to be a Beta Tester. 

Marketing MVPS of the Month:

The Broadcast Team

Introducing the AA Broadcast Team!

Rich Stiehm

Rich is our Video Producer and, at one point, was the only person on our entire broadcast team! Originally from Hampton Bays, New York, Rich got his start working for Nickelodeon on the staff of Blue’s Clues as an animator. After a few years, he left Nickelodeon to work at a boutique post-production company, doing “full service” work that included shooting, editing, and animating for national brands such as Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, Foot Locker, and Emmis Communications. After spending time at Visible World, a technology company, him and his wife decided to escape the long commutes and cold winters for the sunshine of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was originally hired at Advisors’ Academy as a web developer, but his knowledge and experience with animation and all aspects of pre- and post-production led to him becoming a one-man Broadcast Department and focusing his efforts on Dave’s show and commercials for advisors. Now, he primarily works on advisor projects such as animations and commercials, and continues to do some work on Dave’s show The Income Generation. In his spare time, Rich loves spending time with his wife and dog, going to the beach, and playing music.

Sarah Samuels

Sarah is our Broadcast Assistant and the main contact for our new in-house studio. She assists Michelle in producing Dave’s show, The Income Generation, as well as helping Rich and Armando shoot all of our advisor marketing projects. Graduating from University of Florida with a B.S. in Telecommunications, she has over 7 years of experience, having been involved with television, documentaries, commercials, and news. She spent the last 4 years at Newsmax TV, and began working with Dave’s show back in 2016 as a producer. Additionally, she has a year’s worth of marketing experience running social media campaigns, copywriting, and email campaigns. Her biggest project was the construction of our in-house studio, which operates as a multimedia space for not only The Income Generation, but is also the location of any commercials, interviews, webinars, and Stump Dave episodes we shoot. Sarah recently upgraded the studio so that it can connect with other studios all across the world, allowing David to interview top financial celebrities on his show. In her spare time, Sarah likes to go to the beach and enjoys spending time with her fiancé.

Armando Mendez

Armando is our Editor and Videographer, and was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Having lived in Florida his entire life, he decided to enroll in the Art Institute in Downtown Miami. In 2013, he graduated with a degree in Digital Video production and immediately went to work. He began working at the Fusion Network in Doral as a Production Associate. In this role, he would shoot and edit various packages for all the different shows that the station aired. Following this, he would then begin to do work for Dynasty Apparel, where he did e-commerce photography. Some of the companies he did work for include Wal-Mart and K-Mart, with his photography appearing on their websites and social media outlets. In July of this year, he joined our Marketing Team as a Videographer and Editor. Armando is part of our Broadcast Team and he is involved in the production and post-production of each episode of The Income Generation. He also works on video projects for all of our advisors such as sizzle reels, video messages, and more. In his free time, Armando loves to go to the gym, play video games, and watch movies.

Studio Packages:

We’ve recently unveiled a myriad of different studio options to choose from that could easily take your practice to a new level!

– First Steps- If you’re just getting started

Our first package consists mainly of a 60-second template commercial explaining your business, from which we’ll cut a 30-second commercial to use as well. You’ll also tape your own customized tag in the studio to use at your leisure, and you’ll have the option to add a new headshot as well as a voiceover for radio use if you’d like.

– Brand Yourself- If you’re moving to a new office location or expanding to a new office location

With this package you’ll get a 5-minute video featuring your office and all of its branding, showcasing your new space. It’ll also include a 60-second commercial for use on your local TV stations, social media, or website.

– Co-Brand with the Retirement Income Store- Brand yourself with the RIS

This package will come with a 3-minute branding commercial that will explain your affiliation with the Retirement Income Store and Sound Income Strategies. Additionally, it will also come with a 60-second Income Specialist commercial.

Workshop Promos – Our most comprehensive program

This one includes THREE different videos, with one for each workshop topic. Each one will be between 3-6 minutes long and are great for social media, office lobby reels, and more. You’ll also shoot a 60-second teaser video for your website or social media pages.

These packages were designed to maximize your time and help deliver a dynamic marketing tool that you can use to your advantage now and in the future! If you have any questions regarding any of these programs, contact Erika to get started.


Test Your Marketing Knowledge

Challenge your marketing knowledge with this short marketing quiz. Winners will be added to the monthly drawing to win Advisors’ Academy swag!